EMPOWER - Yoga, Zumba, Kickbox, Tabata & Self Defense Classes
A non-stop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits for a sleek, sexy, and powerful you!

Zumba® Fitness
A Latin dance inspired fitness class, for all levels of fitness. You will learn the traditional cumbia, reggaton, salsa and merengue moves, in a fitness style all its own! Bring water, wear comfy clothes, and expect to sweat because it is definitely a cardio workout.

This class will tone and burn fat. It is for beginner or advanced people of all ages. We cardio kickbox to music but you do not have to be coordinated! With all toning exercise, you may not see weight loss, but you will see inches lost and more body definition
Zumba® & Kickbox
Together they are the perfect combination:
toning, sweating, cardio, and inch lost...what is NOT to love?

First class is cardio kickbox, and then stay for Zumba® Fitness.
 There is no break in between. Bring water, this one is a crowd pleaser!

Zumba® for Kids
Although anyone over 12 years old are able to come to any class, I 
also have classes dedicated to children. We use clean and exciting music.
Dance moves from the adult classes are modified.

Aqua Zumba®
This class will provide both a cardiovascular and muscular workout,
without the aches and pains sometimes experienced after exercising on dry land.
Water adds resistance to assist with muscle toning.

Swimming skills are not necessary, but participants should feel comfortable in water,
and be prepared to get wet, including their hair. Equipment will be provided.    

Take your workout to the next level this summer.
Six weeks investment $40. Drop ins $9.

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