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Self Defense
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Self Defense class for the young women of Subway Selects Hockey.

Kelli Cruikshank, delivers a self defense class, originally designed by her husband, a fifth degree black belt. The course begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, then progresses on to the basics of hands-on training. The course is designed to deliver, fast, effective, and easy to remember, realistic techniques.

It also debunks myths associated with self defense, and touches on mental preparedness of applying the techniques taught within the course. In groups, each technique is practiced several times, as both the attacker and the victim.

Because young women are at potential risk for relationship troubles, non violent ways of escaping wrist grabs, hair pulls and choke holds, are also included. These techniques are taken directly from NVI certification, and was added into the course, when Kelli completed it two years ago.

Chris utilized his thirty five years’ experience in the art of karate, and designed a general self defense course, but it was only natural for it to be fine-tuned it to be specific to women, and instructed by a woman. So Kelli and Chris worked together to make the content more specific to a woman audience, including subjects such as intuition and avoidance. The self defense techniques are still intact.

Throughout the class, Kelli draws on personal experience, which includes many examples of “potential dangers” and personal accounts. This is done in a tactful yet realistic format.

Examples of domestic abuse, sexual assault and child abduction are used in a respectful manner. Bringing the world news back to the doorsteps of those around us, seems to have an impact, and makes the threat of danger a little more believable, as so many think, “Not around here.”

The creators of this class believes every woman should have the proper knowledge to defend themselves, but more importantly, have the confidence to use it.

Kelli has, over the last decade, has thrived on making women feel powerful and strong. It was only natural, when the self defense course was created, to ask the creator to train her, so she could pass this powerful information onto to as many women as possible.

Please contact me for group, not for profit, and individual rates.

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