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Univerisity Days and Love

Healthy means more than the outside appearance of your body. If you ask any mother what they want for their kids, they will almost always say, “To be healthy and happy.” Most people think healthy means your physical body. I happen to think being healthy involves many things; attitude, mind, body, and lifestyle. Being a mom I try to prepare my daughters to live happy, healthy lives.

Obviously the physical body is easy; don’t smoke, don’t drink and drive, always wear a seat belt. Providing a good example of a healthy mind is where it gets tricky.

This Too Shall Pass

Over the weekend I taught self defense to a group of women. The reason why I started being more involved in the program my husband created, was to make sure women know how to protect themselves. The program evolved from simply a self defense course, into a three-part program. Prevention, nonviolent, and physical self defense to use if attacked.

I am an average woman, but I am also a woman with stories to tell. My husband has the technical abilities and knowledge, as a fifth degree blackbelt, but I have the real life experiences to share.
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